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Paskura China Tour Documentary NOT A TRAVELLER Release


Russian progressive rock band Paskura may be the first prog band in our current roster, the signing began with genre curious and trying, but later when we were on tour with them. They changed our minds, they

are not the typical russian that we know, they are kind and warmhearted. During the tour, we were gettting closer and closer, beside haven't go to the brothel(lol hahaha), we did all the things together. Even in the deep night we made a casual meeting in the hotel's waiting room to discuss how to make the shows more charming and how to push their music to further places.

The brain and founding member & the guitarist of Paskura Andrey have wrote some beautiful words for this tour:

I don't know the words to describe how grateful we all are for you to make this tour possible. You are the amazing guy with so deep love of music. There are only few people in this world who love music so strong and passionate. One more guy, maybe, is Leonardo Perez, our sound producer. Because of this love you set impossible goals and make it come to life. This is the giant example for me, I wish to grow the same love in my soul one day. I thank the fate to let us all meet and do great things.

This trip change all us for sure. I can't imagine to trip and tour in China, this beautiful and amazing country where ancient strong traditions live together with innovative technology and future. Cities, people, food, nature, these all make unique picture. I'm proud to be there, the world now seems bigger and more beautiful. It was fun and joyful tour, we all head a good time, though not enough sleep. We learned a lot about music and became better musicians, I hope. We have inspiration to work harder, to create new music and go forward.

Thank you, Thanks Handshake records, Thanks everyone we met in China. I will wait the opportunity to do it again.

Andrey, Paskura

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