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Adaen (RUS)

A Moscow based band, since they established in 2009, the vocalist and founder Valentine has decided to devote all his life on music, dreaming someday they can hit the road as one of the leading Russian indie band. They did so in Russia, but they want more. We and Valentine met each other in a China tour of Paskura (another Russian band) where he was playing as a session guitarist, now we know each other, we respect each other, we trust in each other. So the signing has happened. ​


We never know how to define their genre, but they love to call them progressive post rock/metal. The influence bands they quote are The Mars Volta, Nirvana, Deftones , Led Zeppelin and Muse. But they are still Adaen, in the passed years they have released 6 records and played with some big names from the world such as The Fall Of Troy, The Ocean, Agent Fresco, Tesseract, Monuments, Skyharbor, Riverside, Tera Melos and others. The vocalist Valentine was chosen by the famous british artist Jason De Caires Taylor to sculpture in his Underwater Museum in Europe in 2015.     

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