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The Winachi Tribe (UK)

The Winachi Tribe are the six-piece electro funk and soul collective who for the past 18 months have been pushing the boundaries both musically and culturally to deliver a sound, a style and performance very unique and special.
​Although The Winachi Tribe’s debut album is not yet released, individual band members are already well established on the music scene.
Percussion legend Inder Goldfinger was a member of Ian Brown’s band for thirteen years, and vocalist Liam and keys player Antony collaborated with Keith Allen in the studio.

Déjà Vega (UK)

Formed in Cheshire,Great Manchester, and their songwriting is infused with small town dreaming and northern grit.
Making the short trip to Manchester, the band's blistering live shows and raucous take on psychedelia have quickly won attention. They inherit all manchester traditions, raw, powerful with no limits. The guitar stream and the bass line with the drum punching are easily to be defined as madchester sound. 

Bottlesmoker (IND)

Bottlesmoker is a music project by Angkuy and Nobie, from Bandung, Indonesia. In 2005, this duo has been working on experimental music in area ofelectronic pop –indietronic instrumental, that was still a rare thing to do in Indonesia circa 2000s. Bottlesmoker has been doing lots of experiment in the songs making using toy musical instrument and custom equipment, so the sounds that produced were so unique with a hint of a pop music taste that is so catchy, and unique at the same time.

With their more than 5 albums ans countless EPs &

singles in their discography, Bottlesmoker go forward without any hestitations.

Jinnwoo (UK)

Professional photographer,paint illustrator and singer & song writer,As photographer,he did album coverart for the Island Records’UK folk duo The Rails and Warrington rock band Exile Parade. 

Born and raised in Leicester and now based in Brighton.When he still was an totally unknown artist with loudest talent, he has alreay got the replied to love to work with from some great names after he sent his draft demos such as Malcolm Middleton(Arab Strap),Rachael Dadd(Laura Marling),Young Montana(remixer for Lanterns On The Lake, WU LYF, Ital Tek) and Noah Georgeson (producer/mixer for Joanna Newsom, The Strokes, Devendra Banhart).


Adaen (RUS)
A Moscow based band, since they established in 2009, the vocalist and founder Valentine have decided to devote all his life on music, dreaming someday they can hit the road as a leading Russia indie band. They did so in Russia, but they want more.During that period, we meet with Valentine each other in a China tour with Paskura(another Russian band) as a session guitarist, we know each other, we respect each other,we trust on each other. So the signing is happen.
We never know how to define their genre, but they love to called them progressive rock.The influences bands they quotes are The Mars Volta,Rush,Nirvana and MUSE.But they are still Adaen,in the passed years, they have released 6 records

The Cheap Thrills (UK)

There isn't any correlation between Cheap Thrills age and their musical capabilities. Their sound has progressed as their teenage years have, and no doubt will continue to; their sound at the minute encapsulates the energy and youth that they've always kept close, but with a new Psych/Pop vibe. They describe themselves purely as a rock band, because toclassify is to limit.
At the age of only eighteen and nineteen, The Cheap Thrills achievements stand out above the rest in Liverpool, playing rammed headline 02 Academy shows, winning the coveted Liverpool Sound City Youth Award in 2012 and playing the Calling Out stage of Kendal Calling in the same year. 


They are the most famous rock act in Chinese Malaysian indie scene,in their 10 years eatablishment, they played more hundreds of shows,gigs and festivals around Malaysia, China mainland and Singapore.In the early years, Nao was an anti punk, they protested on stages and street for civils and the Chinese Malaysian human right in Malaysia.After several EPs and debut album, since 2010, they altered their genre into instrumental without vocals,but they are totally different from those post rock bands focus on arranging beautiful melody, their music still retains the chaotic elements and anti attitude.  

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