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Bottlesmoker (IND)

Press Quotes

“Rolling Stone Editors' Choice 2012 - The Ambassdor : Bottlesmoker.” – (Rolling Stone Magazine, Indonesia)


“7 must-see acts in Future Music Festival 2015."  – (Deep House Londn)




Best Electro/Dance Ace from AVIMA(Asian Voice of Indepedent Music Awards) 2010

Best Electro/Dance Song from AVIMA(Asian Voice of Indepedent Music Awards) 2010

Best Digital Music from INAICTA(Indenesia Information and Communications Technology Award)2010



Beside that, Bottlesmoker too create a custom music instrument such as Noise Box, Theremin, 8 Step Sequencer, and those facts make Bottlesmoker produce such a characterized sounds that no other musicians have.

In their musical creation process, Bottlesmoker has inspired a lot by musicians such as Lullatone, Dan Deacon, and Tidy Kid. Also Angkuy and Nobie too inspired by their environment and surroundings, with this, their music has become one personal, intimate sanctuary, that successfully transferred to their audience. Like a happy place where you do your daily activities, a home, a company to sleep to, to ride to, to read to, to make art to, etc.

They are the most special bands among Handshake Records roster, and also joined in the ASIAN ECHO tour in 2010 which launched by Handshake Records, and later the band play twice in China mainland for tour and festivals. 

Highlight Shows

Asian Music Festival in Manila,Philippines,2010


Asian Echo showcase tour by Handshake Records, China,2011


Fete Dela WSK in Manila,Philippines,2011(Art Residencies)


Baybeats Festival,Singapore,2012


Big Mountain Music Festival,Bonanza,Thailand,2012


Urbanscape Festival,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia,2013


Printemps Francais,Hanoi,Vietnam,2013(Art Residencies)


Future Music Festival,2015



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