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The Winachi Tribe (UK)

Press Quotes

“There are just a handful of bands in my life that make me enjoy every song on a single album, and The Winachi Tribe have added themselves to the list.” – (L.A. Times)

“We are on the edge of a hybrid soul/northern soul explosion. I think it will, for want of a better word, be the new punk. The Winachi Tribe's tune fits into the picture perfectly. Bring it on!!!” – (Keith Allen, UK famous actor, musician)

“As good a band as I have ever worked with, they blew my head off when I first heard their music. They are definitely special in their own inimitable style.” – (Danny Saber, Producer of Black Grape / The Charlatans)

“There’s a confidence and power to the band’s live set that at times can be mesmerizing. You can’t help feel you’re witnessing a band that could be on the verge of something extremely special.”  – (Viva Magazine)



The Winachi Tribe are the six-piece electro funk and soul collective who for the past 18 months have been pushing the boundaries both musically and culturally to deliver a sound, a style and performance very unique and special.

Although The Winachi Tribe’s debut album is not yet released, individual band members are already well established on the music scene.


Percussion legend Inder Goldfinger was a member of Ian Brown’s band for thirteen years, and vocalist Liam and keys player Antony collaborated with Keith Allen in the studio and also toured with him as vocalists in his band ‘Fit Les’ as part of his Olympic opera ‘Will Cliff Be There?’

Imagine the psychedelic Funk of George Clinton oozing with the brooding menace of Massive Attack…imagine the rolling hypnotic beats of The Happy Mondays through the vision and flow of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, a sonic soul collective who adhere to no boundaries or formulas, either musically or culturally. Well that band is now a reality: the lyrically explosive, musically diverse, Electro Funk Hybrid known as THE WINACHI TRIBE.


Born from the belly of Northern D.Funk collective CHINA WHITE…THE TRIBE are an exceptional band of musicians and producers who have collaborated and toured with artists as diverse as Ian Brown to Danny Saber.

The Winachi Tribe’s 2015 saw the band on tour around the UK with notable performances including the Shiiine Weekender at which they shared the billing with Stereo Mc’s, The Farm and the Happy Mondays among others. They releases the Time For Love EP which proved not only popular with their fan’s and becoming an instant live favorite it also attracted the positive attention of music critics and BBC Radio airplay.

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