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They was the first tour band when Handshake Records launched the ASIAN ECHO project in 2010,and their newest single was out on Handshake Records in July. In next January, their limited new album will be released.  

In the past years, they got more actve than ever, and being supporting for some Japanese good reputation math rock such as TOE, Mouse On The Keys, their new materials are mixed funk,  

grunge,post rock,heavy experimental sound and some weird math rock.



Press Quotes

“In recent times I have not come across many heavy bands that directly scream “fuck you” to the establishment – many of them may have pretty politically conscious lyrics, but you would have to dig through the poetry that is their lyrics to find that stance.” – (uniteeasia)


“The trio’s music is frequently a cauldron of joyous melodies and trippy notes that would get your mind bouncing to the beat.” – (JUICE)


“They are similar to: Faust + Duck Fight Goose + World’s End Girlfriend – System of a Down” – (hearts of wax)


“It’s said to be the most beautiful manifestation of a diverse mix. With a decade of music history,it’s one of the few Malaysian bands across multiple music scenes.” – (The Big Rooms)



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