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Upcoming Events

Fullset Tour Date:
Date: June 18th (Saturday)
City: Shanghai
Venue: Onstage
Time: 21:30 
Address: A2-101 Red Town, NO.570 West HuaiHai Road,Changning District, Shanghai

Date:June19th (Sunday)
City: Beijing
Venue: Modernsky Lab
Time: 20:30
Address: 5-108,Floor B1,Building D,Galaxy SOHO,Dongcheng District, Beijing 

Price : ¥120 - ¥180

ROTH BART BARON will launch two more shows before they get on the stage with fullset. It's the first time for the band in overseas and for Handshake Records to launch instore sesssion in our experience. 

ROTH BART BARON will present a totally brand new live for their fans in China, it must be two blowmind shows for the people who come to the shows. can't wait.


In the new monthy jornal of Smart Shanghai, ROTH BART BARON was strong recommended:

Huge indie folk bookings on Saturday in the form of Japan's Roth Bart Baron. This Tokyo duo has been breaking hearts around the globe with their soulful acoustic guitars and sweet, crooning vocals. Roth Bart Baron could easily fill out a larger Mao and QSW venue so Saturday's intimate On Stae setting with their solid sound system will be a quite a treat.


ROTH BART BARON Shanghai Instore Session Dates:

June 16th, 19:00 @ Xin Cafe

Address: Shanxi Nan Road Chang le Road, United Valley

Free Entry


June 17th, 13:00 @ Ming Qian Cafe

Address: Fengxian Road NO.218, Fengxian Ting 2F

Free Entry

Price: Free Entry

Paskura China Tour Date:


8th March TUE HONGKONG @ Hidden Agenda pm8:30

(Presale: HKD180,Ondoor: HKD230)

10th March THU GUANGZHOU @ SD Livehouse pm8:30

11st March FRI HANGZHOU @ LINEOUT pm9:00

12nd March SAT SHANGHAI @ Yuyintang pm9:00

13rd March SUN BEIJING @ School Bar pm9:00

Shows tickets Price in China mainland:

Presale: RMB 40   Ondoor: RMB 60 

Price : ¥40 - ¥60

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