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Jinnwoo Signed with Handshake Records into current roster 

One of the top 10 most expected artists of UK 2015 by The Independent, Jinnwoo signed 

with Handshake Records who is the upcoming 

taste leading indie label in China music industry.It 

is worth us to announce it loudly, the singer & song writer pour all his talent to write and sing,even   be the art designer for other indie acts.Since 

releasing DIY demo,Jinnwoo has got some great 

musicians’and producers attentions,such as the 

Strokes’s producer Noah Georgeson. 

At the end of this year,Jinnwoo conveys his talents 

to HandshakeRecords, his debut EP will be out in China on Handshake Records lately, we are also glad to announce Jinnwoo’s 

first China tour is on the schedule, don’t forget to 

hail to us in next spring. 

James Walsh,frontman of UK brit rock Starsailor released debut album in China on Handshake

When Starsailor is await to restart, the captain of this ship has kicked off his solo project. James Walsh, the frontman of great reputationed legend band Starsailor connected his career with China when he played with his sailor lads in China in the early of this year,he signed a records deal with Handshake Records.This debut album Turning Point still sustains his taste and control on beautiful melody and the starsailor’s rock is replaced by soften guitars on it .Among all the tracks, the landmarkable female singer & song writer Suzanna Vega also contribute her typical vocal.  You can listen and download this album on our bandcamp.

Now he is ready for his following China solo tour with Handshake Records. 


Déjà Vega came as Handshake family member with Manchester mad blood  

When we got the inquire email from their manager Tom, all of handshake staff drowned in their brilliant vibes.It must be the biggest discovery for us in the year of 2015.At the first week after signing, we released their first digital EP SECRET WILDNESS in July.The EP was also chosen by bandcamp to the best 30 release in July.They are the most manchesterized band among Handshake current artsts after our Exile Parade from Warrington,UK.  

Liverpool four boys The Cheap Thrills release new single on Handshake

We are thrilled to announce to sign with the amazing young boys based on Liverpool. 

Liverpool new act The Cheap Thrills has got many compliments from the UK medias in such young ages.Even they has got a place on the stage of Kendal Calling which is one of best british festival before they still has some singles.It is also the first Liverpool band we collaborate with, we trust the boys can blow your mind when you play their songs in a high volume. 

Russian rock act Paskura signing with strong Vodka

Is it weird?! We sign with a heavy music band from RUSSIA?

Yes, we are insane but we can’t wait to tell you the signing is fantastic and the band is too amazing to miss.

Their second studio album was out,too. Please click the listen button to put on your earphone and hail with the men.

Just wait for our event updates, they will make our debut tour of 2016, ready to get on the van. 




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