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James Walsh Release Debut Solo Album Aside from Starsailor

We call this is an album about when a boy is becoming to a man. James Walsh, the frontman and brain of Starsailor was pursueing his solo career when Starsailor slow their step in the late of 2010. He did a great job with Nowegian chamber orchestra for recording some studio sessions. He played a brilliant China tour with his mate of Starsailor in the early of 2015, and that is also the beginning of this chinese release. This is a long hatching release from Handshake Records, but so far so cool, it nexts to PERFECT.

Tracing back to the year of 2000, 4 north west English lads formed a band, and the won a massive unexpected compliments from the medias. As all we known, the Starsailor story began. UK medias always compared them with Coldplay, even called them a new upcoming head to head rivals in brit rock history after Oasis VS Blur.

Turning point is a hint for the fans of Starsailor, and it is also potrayal of James Walsh himself. He try to tell the world a self story in a new angle" we don't have to get it right, we could try."

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