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ANNOUNCEMENT Tokyo Great Obscure Big Name ROTH BART BARON China Tour

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ROTH BART BARON, they own great creativity on music both with outstanding melody and great artwork.Since debut album THE ICE AGE, they were called as the most hidden talent band in Tokyo by medias. In the late of 2015, they came back with their brilliant second album ATOM, it has been reviewed by the English language medias and compare with some big name artists such as Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes. The album was recorded at the famous Hotel2Tango studio in Montreal of Canada, featuring Jessica Moss of Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra on strings, "ATOM" is seen as their best album so far. It’s an honor to present this great band’s debut China tour, we always love to discover and grow up with the upcoming bands around the world. Roth Bart Baron’s great soundscape can blow your mind for sure.

The creativity of the youth is brought to the world as amazing stories of 2015 in the shape of music.

This time, Roth Bart Baron is back with incredible soundscape and a world of innocence created in the album "ATOM".Recorded at Hotel2Tango studio, featuring Jessica Moss on strings, an album of their best effort is coming.

Roth Bart Baron started out in Tokyo in 2008 with MIFUNE Masaya and NAKAHARA Tetsuya. The band self-released two EPs, "Roth Bart Baron" (2010) and "Monster Mountain and Choirboys" (2012), gaining support from domestic record sellers such as Disk Union and JET Set, and getting praised by overseas audience.

First album, "The Ice Age" was released on 16 April 2014 and was selected as best by a number of music media, while the band’s powerful live performance also attracts increasing attention.They worked with sound engineer Jonathan Low (The National "Trouble Will Find Me", Sufjan Stevens, etc) for the album and recorded some of the tracks in Philadelphia with Brian McTear (Kurt Vile、War on Drugs, etc) as producer. Roth Bart Baron went on for North America tour in October in addition to active participation in Japanese rock festivals including Summer Sonic and Rising Sun Rock Festival with the release. The band has shared stage with quite a few American bands for their Japan shows. After one and half year's waiting, new album, "ATOM" is due to release on 21 October 2015.

Recorded at Hote2Tango studio in Montreal, featuring Jessica Moss of Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra on strings, "ATOM" is seen as their best effort so far. The album is the creation of unique collaboration between Japanese and Canadian artists. The sound created by regular members is combined with daring sessions done with cutting-edge musicians closely related to the studio, and then presents a magnificent yet highly refined music experience.

"ATOM" is partly inspired by sci-fi films members saw in childhood. The "near future" portrayed in late 80's~early 90's sci-fi films left a strong impression with them. The images are then mixed with the "now" that they are living through become what is pictured in the album, and reflected how animation, music, and literature are all connected to the world we are living in.

Though praised by English language media and often compared with artists as Bon Iver, Roth Bart Baron is definitely not aiming at making music that sounds the same way, but creating sound of their own, the kind that may only be created in Japan, yet hoping to be listened to by people around the world.

Presented by: Handshake Records(China) Exclusive Ticket Selling:Showstar (China) Band Pre-order available Tour Date: Date: June 18th (Saturday) City: Shanghai Venue: Onstage Time: 21:30 Address: A2-101 Red Town, NO.570 West HuaiHai Road,Changning District, Shanghai Date:June19th (Sunday) City: Beijing Venue: Modernsky Lab Time: 20:30 Address: 5-108,Floor B1,Building D,Galaxy SOHO,Dongcheng District, Beijing Ticket: Earlybird:120 RMB (1 drink included) Presale: 150 RMB (1 drink included) Ondoor: 180 RMB (1 drink included)

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