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CONDELENCE Our Good Friend Craig Tarry and Viola Beach

You were managing band Viola Beach,they are geniuses.

(When finished the debut album recording in Real World Studio with Owen Morris & Marco, you took a photo with your firsr managed band Exile Parade.)

Hi lad,

I am totally sure you are happy now even we can't meet you again.I am really sad for your tragic news but still happy for being with your good friend. I will miss you, RIP. Superman tony All the best

I got to know from your sister’timeline, and your neighbour Amy, she told me she is with your family. They are sad but proud of having the son. You are always devoting your life in your dream and the things you love, even in the end of your life you are still with you were managing band Viola Beach, the 4 talented mates from your town Warrington.

I am so pround of working with you in a whole week, we experienced many great moments with Exile Parade, even we slept in a same room! Cos’ you love to try some chinese spicy food, the next morning when you woke up and finish a shit, you laught out for me: tony, my ass is on fire.! And I was too funny to hold the teech brush water in my mouth, and spited it onto the mirror.

I got an email from Dave (the bassist of your ex-manage band Exile Parade) suddendly on 14th Feb in China time, I was shocked by the news, but I still can’t believe the truth, and I replied him at once for confirming, and then I got the confirm.But I was really stubborn,and tried to search the news from internet, it is too early for the medias, so NO ANY REPORTING.I was even doubted that day whethter is the foolish day. I log in my facebook, and checked to know from your sister Sarah’s time line, the tragic new is not a joke, it is defenitely a TRUTH. In last September,we were still talking about your were managing band Viola Beach and Hidden Charms, I put on release these great two upcoming bands EP on my record label and their China tour, and till to the 15th December we got your email about further information for these projects. But I was really regret that I haven’t share more time to reply the email, just contacted with facebook messenger. Today, I read there are so many people share their love with you and stay with your family, my pain just got some console.As we all know, you are the die hard fans of Man City, since I worked with you along side Exile Parade, I also became a city fans, we experienced a City’s match in Shanghai beer club, and you pleased a bucket of Bodington, till now I still remember clearly the beer is 80 RMB per bucket.

Several years ago, you told me you will move to LA to form a management company with John. I asked you whether your Warrington accent could be transfered to American accent, you replied: fucking impossible, I am always loyal for Great Manchester. And then you sent me a laugh avator.

I just chated with your neighbour Amy, I said if I replied your email it can save your life. She said: no chance, superman.

She is right, no chance. The name SUPERMAN was called by you when we toured together with Exile Parade. You always keep running, and I haven’t hear any bad words for music industry, even not any disppointed and negative on the things you met, you told me just keep going and do upmost for everything you want, then anything will be PERFECT. So in this music industry, you are always my model.

You love to bring with a Man City’s shirt in your suitcase whereever you go, after that I learnt the habit from you, now I also bring a City sport shirt in my case when I was sent to other places out of Beijing.We all love Balotell but it is a shame that he was transfered out. Craig, I am sorry can’t found out the pictures that we took, I may move them to my another computer. I am sure you hear the applouds of city fans and saw they stand up to play tribute for you in City’s match VS Spurs.

I never thought you will be known by the world in such kind of way! You are always pretty loyal to your dream, as your sister and friends said: passionate, hardworking, focus, earnest and enthuastic. Your business card which background is the vinyle of Exile Parade are still lying in my cardbook, the band is re-acitve for you, and blogged some old pictures that you met in their early years , even the first time you met in practice room. They are always great the same as you first met.

I used 2 days to make me convince the truth, I have to say again I am always pround of working with you, pround of drinking beer with you, pround of doing whatever for dream with you. I hope I can visit you and your family someday, my first rock n roll tour was made with you, and you make me firm to pursue what I love, and rock n roll.

I remembered I asked you why we have so much common taste on music, you told me we are the soulmate, so we have good taste with each other on music.

Alright, soulmate.Just wait for me in the sky, we will meet someday, and keep rock the world.

Hey lad, I am still the superman and original,I am playing a Led Zeppelin for you here.

2016.02.16 @ Beijing

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