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Craig Tarry's Celebration Day

This is not an event which launched by us, but we DO recommend this to all of you.

My friend Craig Tarry, the manager of british young band Viola Beach died in a tragedy crash in February with his men of this year. I don't like to tonight's show as a tribution, I prefer it as a celebration. He passed away on the road with his loving rock n roll.

The band Exile Parade he used to manage will make an one -off reunion show for their ex-manager and good friend, it must be a big day for the band after 4 years pause, maybe it could motive the band's reunion for a new album, the most important matter is all the memory are stoned in our brain. Craig's friend, a new upcoming british band Hidden Charm also will contribute brilliant set tonight. It will be a great moment when Exile Parade meet with Hidden Charm, an old Warrington indie legend meet with a new north west big indie act.I wish I could be there to witness such a great moment.

Besides, the Warrington local new indie psychdelic band Grand Illusion and Oasis tribution band Ohoasis will contribute a full set great show for this celebration.

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