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Adaen release new single tribute to Craig Tarry, the manager of british band Viola Beach

It is the first single from our new signing Adaen's upcoming conceptional album. This Russian post-progressive trio has their unique observation on the life. They always focus on their music how to express their observation. This is song was inspired by my good friend british Craig Tarry who died in a tragic accident with his managing band Viola Beach in this Feb. Valentine of Adaen' s vocal was moved by my story telling, after he went back to Moscow after the China tour as a session musician,he asked me to know more story about Craig, he emailed me one day: Craing inspire me so much, I decided to write a song. 3-4 months later, I got their draft demo, it made me cry. Anyway, we will pass our condole to Craig Tarry's family and the boys in Viola Beach's families.

We NEVER want to be the media's hotspot on this track and the following conceptional album, it must be gorgerous, but we hope you can enjoy all the tracks and the idea in this album. It is the first ever concetional album, and possible to be the 1st vinyl release of Handshake Records.

The whole story is too long if I insist to tell it out, I suggest you read the words on this upcoming album's sleeve:

Words: Valentine from Adaen

This happened in March 2016, when I met Tony in Hong Kong airport. I was a session guitarist of Paskura on their tour in China and Tony was our manager. We always shared rooms in hostels together and had long night talks there. Tony told me about his friend Craig Tarry, the manager of Viola Beach, who died in the car accident in February. He also suggested Adaen to take part in the tribute album his label Handshake Records was working on. I said I would think about it, because I needed to know Craig more to have enough thoughts about what song would be suitable for that. And as I didn't know him, I had to, not to be a band who joins that kinds of actions without awareness what they are playing for.

Having returned to Moscow, I began exploring the materials about Craig Tarry, his life, his work with bands, the fatal accident. All that I had found, impressed me a lot, he had been a great person, I called Tony to say that I would compose something to tribute Craig. And that was the miracle, I felt like the songs were being written in my head themselves. Constantly. And "Terry" was the very first song, and the rest were just spinning about it. Parts of melodies, riffs, lyrics, drum patterns - the most creative ideas I had ever got were being born day after day. I tried so many guitar tunings and experimented with vocal parts to be able to compose and to play the music I had never played before. In this album Adaen has changed greatly, I think. I have changed. We have changed.

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