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Sicily Holligan? NO, They Are Musicians. Soul Basement Release Their 5th Album on Handshake Records.

When the melody are sliping into your door slot, please keep quiet and listen such soft voice. It could be the best soul and jazz records that you met this year. This album is the 5th album from Soul Basement, Fabio Puglisi is the head of Soul Basement and pianoist, basing in the Sicily, the island from Italy. All the songs of this album reminds you many big names, such as Foreigner, Chicago,Linda Ronstadt, Simple Red,even Paul Anka and Genesis. Which tag will be on this band? Don't ask us, what we can suggest you is that BEHEMOTHS could lead a retro of Chicago and souljazz in new days. Soul Basement's China release is alternative verison on coverart. The campact CD will be out in the end of September, and you can do pre-order here in next week.

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