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Russian hidden progressive treasure Paskura release 2rd album via Handshake Records

Most of bands that we heard from Russia are instrumental ones or post rock acts. Paskura is big different from our acknowlegement, and it is also the first post metal band that Chinese indie label Handshake Records signed. Paskura groundbroke in Moscow since they released debut, this 4 pieces got the heartbeat of old Soviet Union and wrote this new album Myriad Eyes.The man is standing the center of eyes forest, it could be explained into a courageous man lost his control in the confused society. The intro is intrumental song and the backing choirs oustands its ceremonial sense for this album, and following songs are connected tightly, the pose of two songs without any gap. Although we don't compare them with some post metal big acts, some of fragments still remind us the band got influencs from the bands such as Isis, Alcest, Deftones, even the guitar got some dirty tones from Alice in Chains. In Catatonic Scale , we can feel Paskura got some philosophy influences, they try to interpret their panic.

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